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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thrifty finds August part *2*

First I must thank you all for your lovely heartwarming comments, I really do appreciate every one 
***Thank You All***
Thea x

I had a good month this month looking through the C Shops.... A raffia sewing basket £2.00

A vintage teapot................£2.00

A  retro child's  Hippo mug............35p

A vintage Milk jug.........£1.50

Two pretty vintage floral Jugs.........£2.50..£1.50

A vintage Children's Poetry Book.......£1.00

Such sweet little pictures.......
And lastly a wooden cutlery tray, which I have now lined with pretty paper.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

How I Longed To Own A Sindy Doll *~*

As a little girl of the 60s my toys included teddies, dollies, golly, skipping rope, jigsaws and picture books, all the usual toys of the time, but then along came "Sindy the doll you love to dress"
I had seen her advertised on the TV and fell head over heels in love with her.

She was a teenage doll very different to my baby dolls and she had a wardrobe of clothes,
my mission was to save my pocket money but she was retailing at 12/6d  which was quite a tall order.

But I had a plan, my holiday money, Every year my parents took my brother and I to Broadstairs in Kent for a bucket and spade holiday, we always stayed in the same guest house spent most of the time on the beach with lots of candy floss and ice creams, and we were both given holiday money to spend.

I knew exactly what I was going to buy, but I had a bit of a problem my Mother was not keen on the Sindy idea  I heard her tell my Father "she is very expensive, and I know she will been a five minute wonder"

The last day of our holiday had arrived, so we spent a day at the shops. I followed my Father into a musty old bookshop and asked him if I could buy a Sindy doll he smiled and said "let's just wait and see"
At last the toy shop was in sight, I could still hear my parents discussing Sindy, my Mother still insisting "she" would be a waste of money, my Father still desperately fighting my corner,

Soon the toy shop window was glowing in front of me, I quickly scanned the toys and there she was Sindy.. the doll you love to dress...we all traipsed through the door.. passed the bucket and spades, passed the beach balls and the cricket sets, straight to the glass counter, I could see Sindy she was sitting in a deckchair.

There was a lot of discussion in the shop between my parents and the lady in the shop, and then my heart sank, the lady climbed up a ladder reached for a box that had Tina written on it. My Mother announced " Oh she is much nicer and affordable, look Thea isn't she lovely"
Well I knew I was not going to win this one so it was Tina or nothing

Tina...... well she had a Sindy face but her hair was platinum blond, but I was lucky to have got something,
A Tina Doll

So whenever I took her to play with my friends, I used to pretend she was Sindy's sister called Tina. Strangely, my friends wanted to play with her every time they came round, in fact she became very popular, and I got the chance to play with their Sindy's

But I still longed for a proper Sindy. I had to wait until my daughter Pippa came along in the 1980s, and then we had a great time. We used to have Sindy afternoons doing their hair, dressing them up, pretend catwalks the whole caboodle .
I now have my own collection

My memories have stayed with me, but alas Tina has not, she was sent off to the jumble sale with my brother's Action man.

Tina pictures from Google images

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Mum's China Dolls Tea Set *~*

The other day I was having a sort out and found my mum's china dolls tea set, all carefully wrapped up in a shoe box, My first recollection of it was seeing it displayed  in a glass cabinet in the front room of my family home.

I was occasionally allowed to play with it but I knew I had to be very I made sure the dolls, golly and teds behaved themselves!

I can remember my mum telling me that it was very special because it had survived a war ( she was living in London at the time)

So now I am going to give it to my daughter Pippa so she can pass it on to her little daughter Lette

But before I wrap it all back up , I am going to sit read my magazine with a mug of tea and ponder over  my memories of   " The China Dolls Tea Set" that survived a war, I must remember to tell Lette one day

                                                                                 Thea xx

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Thrift Finds in August *1*

A pottery Pussycat

An Vintage Nightie Case

Three Bone China Tea Plates

A Flower Fairy Picture

A Set of Portmeirion Serviette Rings £1.50

A Pretty Bone China Sugar Bowl

Two 1920s Fairytale Books 50p each

Wonderful Pictures

A Rattan Laundry Box £7.00

A Pretty Box Of New Tea Plates £2.50

Another Laundry Basket £3.00 ( which has now been spruced up and painted)
I have been very lucky this month Thea x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sprucing up the Kitchen Chairs*~*

I saw these chairs outside a C S in  Cornwall a couple of years ago, 4 chairs for £20,
we were in the middle of selling the cottage, but I thought I would buy them anyway, as  I could  always resell them if I didn't use them, so I just stored them in the loft until we moved,
They fitted  perfectly around our kitchen table in our new home. So now I thought it was high time I spruced them up,
As Annie Sloan paint seems to be the new kid on the block I thought I would give her a go,  and it went on very well, I did lightly sand and wash down the chairs first before painting, then finished them by brushing on the wax and buffing

Then I turned to the seats, they came out easy enough, but getting the old covers off was a bit tricky as they had two rows of rusted old tacks and bent over pins, one by one I prised them out, it was like pulling teeth!
The chairs where older than I first thought, each one is numbered and has the makers initials J P stamped on it.

The wadding inside had disintegrated, so I replaced it with some firm cushion filler and covered it with a piece of quilt batting, for the finishing layer I used  Laura Ashley upholstrey fabric that I bought ages ago ( a remnant) I knew it would come in handy one day!
There all clean  and tidy .....( I hope J P likes what I have done to his chairs)